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About us

The company InterTriboDia, s.r.o. was founded on March 28, 2007, with its headquarters in Tlmače, Francúzska 9, and started operating on August 1, 2008. Its main focus was tribotechnical diagnostics - analysis of industrial oil, technical cleanliness of components, consulting in the field of offered services, as well as the preparation of experts using courses and training for the certification of personnel in the field of tribotechnics and tribodiagnostics. From January 2023, the company does not perform tests of tribotechnical diagnostics of industrial oils and becomes exclusively a top workplace - Testing laboratory for technical cleanliness of components.

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Nowadays, quality control of individual supplied components is coming to the forefront, especially in the automotive industry. This is mainly due to the requirement to purchase the highest quality and cleanest components due to the reliability and high safety of equipment and cars.

In this area we offer accredited tests for the determination of technical cleanliness of components according to VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232 as well as various customer specifications.

The basic analysis of technical cleanliness are...